Ludo Supreme Gold – Play Ludo Game Online Win Money

Ludo Supreme Gold is an Android game to Play Ludo against online players and bet real money to earn big. It offers online gameplay where you can play against real-time active opponents to roll the dice. Moreover, it also offers offline gameplay as you can play Ludo with friends and family without the internet. In this game, you can earn real money from online competitions by betting real money.

Ludo Supreme Gold
Ludo Supreme Gold

With easy cash deposit and instant withdrawal, it is the best Ludo game to play online. It offers colorful graphics, voice chat features, and social media integration. Ludo Supreme is 100% legal and a secure game to enjoy fun and earn money online. Moreover, special bonuses and rewards are also offered to the users. Download the Ludo Supreme Gold APK Latest Version now and earn money while enjoying Ludo games.  

Ludo Supreme Gold is India’s No.1 Platform to Play Ludo Online and Win Money

Why to Play Ludo Supreme Gold?

There are hundreds of Ludo games that offer online betting and offline gameplay. But this one is the best among all of those due to its quality services. It is 100% legal and approved by legal authorities. Moreover, it is hazard-free for your device and comes with an Anti-ban feature. You can integrate your cash wallet or bank account for easy cash deposits and fast withdrawals. Moreover, its offline gameplay, variety of game modes, and 24/7 customer support make it the best platform to play Ludo and win big. 

Ludo Supreme Gold APK features

Among hundreds of Ludo games, this supreme Ludo game stands tall. All thanks to its special features and perfect services. Let’s dig deep into all of them. 

play Online Ludo Supreme Gold

This gaming title offers ludo games with great diversity in game modes. From online betting games in different modes to the “Play with friends” feature, this game offers quality services. You will be up against real-time active users to play games, bet money, and earn big. In online games, you can also invite your buddies, family members, and online players from your social circle

Real-time Active opponents

In offline ludo games, you have to play against PC or offline boots. But now you will be playing against online real-time active players for Ludo competitions. In these online sessions, you are free to invite your buddies to enjoy the Ludo fun together.

Win Big with Ludo Supreme

This an Indian game that offers Ludo services to gaming lovers. Here players can bet real money and win the game with their gaming skills. There is no limit to winning money in this game as thousands of players have won millions of INR from this game. So you can play wisely and win millions of Rupees from this gaming platform. 

Fair Gameplay

There are several online games for playing Ludo. But all those games do not offer fair gameplay. Other games are flooded with cheaters that make the gameplay odd. Hence, this game offers fair gameplay. It keeps all the cheaters away to create a fair gaming environment. Enjoy the gaming without worrying about frauds and cheaters and play fair games.

100% Legal & Secure

There are 100s of ludo games but not all are secure for online ludo gaming. But Ludo Supreme Gold is a supreme game. It comes with 100% legality and device security. You are not afraid of any account ban or face any legal issues. Moreover, it is free from hazards and keeps your device free from account bans, viruses, and other risks.

Chat Feature

Gaming with communication is always fun. Ludo Supreme Gold APK offers an integrated voice chat feature to communicate with others. It offers voice messages and voice calls. Moreover, voice quality is a standout and you can enjoy high-quality calls for free. Enjoy gaming and comunication on the go in an interactive and gaming-friendly environment.


In addition to head-to-head games, there is also a special tournament. You can take part in these tournaments and win millions of rupees.

Bonuses & Rewards

In addition to login bonuses, it also offers different special rewards and bonuses. There are weekly bonuses, monthly rewards, and special game rewards.

No Ads

Where online games offer tons of ads, this game is dedicated to giving players clean gameplay and UI. You can limit all ads from gameplay and its UI.

 Easy to Add Money

This game comes with online gaming and betting. So for your online betting, you must add your money to this game. There is a money wallet in this game. You have to choose your bank account to use for this game. Moreover, you can also link any cash wallet including Paytm and others. It is easy to add money and use it for your online gaming in this Ludo saga.

Instant Withdraw

There are dozens of online Ludo games but in most of them, cash withdrawal is a complicated process. But not here as it offers easy and instant withdrawal. You have to choose the account for withdrawal and move the money from your game wallet to your account. All your money is secure here in this game and you can cash it anytime you want. 

Login Reward

For new players, Ludo Supreme Gold APK offers login rewards. When you download this game, all you need is to log in to this game. You can log in to the game using your social media account or email. As you log in to the game, you will get an instant bonus for free. You can withdraw or use this bonus money to play games.

Play with Friends

It offers online Ludo games. You can play against online players and link this game with your social accounts. From these social accounts, and your real-life friends, you can invite your friends. It allows you to play against friends. Enjoy the ludo games with your buddies, friends, and family members.

Offline Gameplay

Ludo Supreme Gold also offers offline gameplay as you can play it without the internet. In this offline gameplay, there is also great diversity. You can play offline games against PC in one-on-one competitions. Moreover, there is also a pass-and-play feature. You can play with friends and use it as a physical ludo game board. It allows you to play with 2, 3, or 4 players respectively.

Connect to Social Media

Ludo Supreme Gold also includes a social feature. You can connect the game with Facebook or other social media handles. This social media account can be used to log in to the game. Moreover, it also allows you to share your victories with your friends on social media.

Fluent dice rolling

Dice ruling is very simple and fluent in this game. All you need is a tap to roll the dice. This dice ruling is automatic and there is no influence of the game on this ruling. So you can ride on your luck and get any point on the dice.

Variety of Game Modes

When it comes to gaming diversity, there are plenty of game modes. You can play online and offline in different game modes. From online competitions to tournaments and from pass & play to Vs. PC mode, there is great gaming diversity.

Colorful Graphics

Graphics quality is also very good for a Ludo game. Its colorful visuals and appealing elements make the gameplay charming and attractive.

How to Withdraw Money from Ludo Supreme Gold?

This gaming app offers an easy withdrawal experience. You can add money & withdraw it using these steps. 


Ludo Supreme Gold APK is the best Android platform to play Ludo online & offline. It offers an online platform where you can play Ludo against online players, bet money, and earn big. It offers instant withdrawal and easy cash deposits. You can add and withdraw money with ease using a mobile wallet account or any bank account. Voice chat features and audio calling services make it a communication platform. The diversity of games, 100% legality, and complete device security make it a perfect gaming platform. Download Ludo Supreme Gold APK and enjoy the fun on the go to play online and offline Ludo games. 


Yes, this ludo game offers both online and offline gameplay. In offline game mode, you can play against PC as well with your friends in pass & play mode. 
Yes, this Ludo game does not contain any security threat for Android devices.
Yes, it is 100% legal to use in India for online gaming and allowed by legal authorities for online fun of players. 
You can update the latest APK version of this Ludo game app from this page. Here we have the latest app file in the APK version for free download. It comes with the latest features and all fixes.